As the debate rages on surrounding firearms a new opportunity may present itself.  In terms of firearms and self defense there are people who are entirely comfortable having a gun in their home for protection, people who aren't entirely comfortable with a gun in their home but have one anyway and people who would never have a gun in their home.  I'm curious to see how attitudes would change with lifting the ban on stun guns.

In an article on, the new law would allow the sale, possession and “reasonable use” of a stun device by those 18 and older.  Michigan currently allows law enforcement and people with a concealed pistol license to use a Taser, which is a different type of self-defense device than a stun gun.  This brings new variables to the table.  First, it all but eliminates the tragic results of an accidental shooting.  Second, the stun gun allows for more confidence in self defense as the user does not have to come into direct contact with the threatening individual as with a taser.  My guess is many people who don't want a gun in their home would be more comfortable with a stun gun.

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