The Detroit Tigers have found a new 2nd baseman with the signing of Josh Harrison.  As he heads to the Tigers, he is set to wear the number of Tigers great, Lou Whitaker. 

According to the story from The Detroit News,  the former Pittsburgh Pirates 2nd baseman is going to wear the number 1.  Number 1 in recent years has been worn by current free agent shortstop, Jose Iglesias.

For years fans have been wanting the Tigers to retire Lou's number as he is one of the all time Tigers greats.   He didn't cut it with the Hall of Fame vote so he will have to wait for the veterans to vote him in.

Alan Trammell and Jack Morris brought up Lou's name when both were inducted into Cooperstown last year.

Fans may not be happy with Harrison wearing the number but I feel that with Harrison wearing number one it will be more visible in the media.

The more Lou's name is mentioned hopefully the veterans will vote him in.   Once that happens then I am sure the Tigers will retire his number.   Harrison is a great signing for the Tigers and I am looking forward to seeing him in the lineup in 2019.


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