The 2014 Winter Classic was played yesterday after being postponed from last year.  The Detroit Red Wings hosted the Toronto Maple Leafs at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. It was a fun  game even though the Wings ended up losing in a Shootout 3-2.  Now i enjoy the outdoor games when there are one or two a year.  Coming up later this month the NHL has scheduled three outdoor games  two in Yankee Stadium in New York and one in Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.  Then in March there will be one in Chicago at Soldier Field and also one scheduled for Vancouver.   What's the point of the Winter Classic when you have all these other games.  Now one of the cool things about the Winter Classic is that it's on New Year's Day and this year the fact that it was played in Michigan Stadium to a crowd of 105,591.  What is the significance of these other games other than being outdoors?  How is an outdoor game gonna work in Southern California?  I hope the NHL scales back the games to the Winter Classic and if they want to keep the outdoor game in Canada I can live with that but lose these Stadium Series games or you will make the Winter Classic pointless.


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