There's a trailer park community that's found a unique way to get people to follow the speed limit that's guaranteed to get people to slow down, if not to just look at the sign. Someone decided to get real creative at the Marlin Mobile Home Community off of Detroit Rd in Niles, MI, as one person posted a photo of the sign, straight from OZ:

A trailer park has erected a 10-foot-tall Tin Man at its entrance; one hand is raised in caution, the other holds a 10 mph sign. With this 10-foot tall tin man holding his hand in the air at the entrance to Marlin Mobile Home Community, you'd have no excuse for missing the speed limit sign in his other hand. He has a very serious expression on his face and a perky little belt. Is he wearing a badge or a pocket tee?

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Michigan Loves The Wiz

This mobile home community isn't the only place with a love for The Wizard of Oz. Throughout his life, the author of The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum, spent many summers in Macatawa, near Holland. Baum often visited Holland, where nature's beauty inspired him to write the Wizard of Oz series. Holland paid tribute to Baum by dedicating new yellow brick sidewalks, and sculptures of the Oz characters, in his memory in the city.

If you want to see the Tin man for yourself, the park is located at 2995 Detroit Rd in Niles, MI 49120. Just make sure you slow it down a bit.

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