The popular retro Nintendo Classic console is set to make a return this summer. 

According to the story from The Verge, Nintendo Classic Edition console is set to be re-issued on June 29th.

The console originally debuted in November of 2016 and quickly sold out.  The console retailed for $59.99 and the prices went up as the systems popped up on sites like Ebay.

I personally had a chance to buy one of the consoles on the night they went on sale, but unfortunately was the first person to be shut out as the store I was at sold out of them. I have since struck out on obtaining one of these I hope I can find one this summer.

If you don't remember this new system featured 30 games built in to the console and was a plug and play console that you could plug directly into your TV.

Many of the old Nintendo favorites are apart of this new console from the "Super Mario Brothers" franchise to "Tecmo Bowl".

A Super Nintendo Classic was released last year.  Nintendo expects that both of these consoles will be available through the year.

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