With everything else going on, it may have escaped many of ours attention, but there's a sunrise eclipse that's going to happen on Thursday (June 10th) morning.

This part of the planet will be a good location to experience some of this phenomenon, but the most important factor in our being able to see it is the weather, and the forecast is iffy. There's some scattered rain showers predicted for the entire 24 time period surrounding this sunrise eclipse.

Unfortunately, unless your headed to the Northeastern part of the United States, you'll miss out on the most unique aspect. Forbes.com says New York and New Jersey are probably the best places to see 'red devils' horns' while further north in Boston and into Canada, there will be a "shark's fin".

But, unless you're reading this in Canada, you won't see the "Ring of Fire" effect, as the U.S.-Canadian borders are closed due to Covid-19.

For the western part of Michigan, all you'll see is a partial eclipse, with the best time to observe (safely) is 6:06am, and it'll be over by 6:39am.

If we miss this one, there's a lunar eclipse on November 19th, with the next solar eclipse in two and a half years, in October of 2023.

And, of course, remember not to look directly into the sun or you'll damage your eyes. Here's the best way to view it safely.

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