While I was on vacation last week my wife Karla and I took our annual trip along the West Coast...of Michigan.  We start at the Shoreline Inn and the Lake House in Muskegon and work our way down to South Haven.  Now that I think about it, we should keep going down to St. Joe.  Oh well, next year.  Anyhoozle, when we got to "SO HA", we came across a new way to camp called Glamping which is intriguing to me cuz my idea of roughing it is the Hilton.

As chronicled by our friends at wwmt.com, there's a place called The Fields that offers luxury camping.  Wait...wouldn't it be called "Lamping" then?   Now, I'm not going to believe luxury and camping can coexist until I see it but they seem to be on the right track.  There's the big tent, the big bed, electricity, wood burning stove and bathroom facilities.  Karla would have non of this because it's like cheating!  And I'd probably pass because IT'S OUTSIDE!!!  Curious?  Click HERE to take a look.


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