You might say, I'm a bit of a spice nut. I was a regular subscriber to the "Hot Ones" Heatonist Hot Sauce Club for years, and only TWO of those sauces completely broke me. I've eaten raw peppers, and wasabi, all for the sake of science, and learning... can I handle it? (They did burn like hell, but I'm still alive thankfully.)

But sadly, spice isn't for everyone, and is not recommended for younger kids... you gotta work your way UP to that super spicy spice. But an elementary student in Colon, MI did not heed that warning and ended up VERY sick after attempting one of the hottest challenges there is.

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You can find examples of the One-Chip Challenge all over the internet. The chip company Paqui has some great regular, and non-life-threatening spicy chip flavors out there. But it's that one-chip challenge that has made them famous. And every year, they up the ante.

It's fun to watch people on the internet suffer through it, but you also have to be careful with who gets ahold of these chips, as one student in Colon learned recently.

Per a WWMT report...

"A Colon elementary school student nearly ended up in the ER after taking what's called the 'one chip challenge,' according to Colon Community Schools superintendent Rachel Kowalski.
"The Paqui one-ship challenge started on TikTok as a contest to see who could stomach a single tortilla chip infused with Carolina Reaper, which is considered the hottest pepper in the world.
"A 911 call was placed to report a violently ill boy who had trouble breathing from Colon Elementary School Nov. 18, 2022.
"'He's been throwing up for 30 minutes and keeps throwing up,' the caller told emergency dispatchers."

Thankfully, a Colon Elementary School staff member with medical training helped stabilize the boy before paramedics arrived, and the child did not need to be hospitalized. But it's a lesson learned, as, again, this challenge can be entertaining... it also should probably be done under the right supervision.

The incident also prompted some rule changes for the District.

"This is a very dangerous challenge and is absolutely not allowed at school. Should a student be caught with a chip in the future, consequences could include a suspension." - Colon Elementary School principal Amanda PeGan wrote in a letter to the families, following the incident.

Normally, there would be a "hot Colon" joke at the end of this story, but since it involves a child, it's really more serious than that, and I'm not gonna put the kid on blast.

That being said, I've done the one-chip challenge this year, and yeah man... I get it. It's rough. Glad you're doin' OK now, bud.

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