If you’re ready to begin sports betting online, there’s still a bit of a wait. A spokesperson for Michigan’s Gaming Control Board says the approval from the Governor to finalize legislation allowing sports betting just sets the stage for all the background work that needs to be done. Onsite sports betting at casinos may get rolling soon. Online sports betting though, may take another year to be rolled out in Michigan.

The issue is predictable. Layers upon layers of review and approvals.

Firekeeper’s Casino recently set up part of its requirement to partner with a sportsbook to offer the new betting options at the casino. It’s also doing some remodeling to set up a specific area for onsite sports betting. All Tribal casinos are required to pass a couple of specific regulatory hurdles to open sports betting. The Gaming Control Board says onsite sports betting should be given the green light within a few weeks but online betting is a whole different matter requiring significantly more work.  Hence the prediction for up to a year to complete the required reviews and approvals.

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