What the hell guys!?  When it was first announced that KISS was being inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, word got out that Gene and Paul were talking to Ace and Peter, and they were even talking about burying the hatchet and having the original lineup perform at the induction ceremony.  Then rumors were going around that Ace and Peter would not be performing.  Well, that was officially confirmed over the weekend.

Ace Frehley called into the Eddie Trunk radio show and confirmed that the original lineup will not be putting on the makeup, and will not be performing at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction.  Here's the original report that Eddie Trunk posted on his Facebook page; "Ace Frehley just confirmed exclusively on my radio show he and Peter are not being allowed to perform with Kiss at the R&R Hall by Gene and Paul. Kiss wants to perform with current lineup. No original Kiss reunion at HOF planned or being allowed at this time."

Peter Criss also commented on this via his website;

Official Statement from Peter Criss Regarding Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction

To KISS fans,

It's disappointing to have to say to you, the fans, that as of today, Ace and I have been denied a performance with Gene and Paul for our Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. Tickets go on sale on Monday, Feb. 24th, and I wanted to make sure that fans understood that no original performance, in or out of makeup, has been offered to us before they purchased their tickets. This is disgraceful and I feel bad for the fans who were looking forward to the four of us being inducted together.

God Bless,

Peter Criss - The Catman

I understand why the original four are making this a big deal now, because like Peter said, they don't want fans getting their hopes up, spending the money on tickets just to find out they won't be performing.  My favorite part is that Gene and Paul are not allowing Peter and Ace to perform.  What a crock of shit!  I know Tommy and Eric have been in the band longer than Ace and Peter have been, but last time I checked, Tommy and Eric weren't part of the original lineup, and the Rock Hall is inducting the original four, not the replacement members.

I know us loyal soldiers of the KISS Army are busy tearing our hair out, but before you start making a mess in your parent's basement, read this post from Fangoria editor and massive KISS fan, Chris Alexander; "I love Ace and Peter, for what they did in creating my favorite band of all time. But I adore Gene and Paul for keeping that flame burning, nurturing it and ensuring that now my kids can love and experience KISS today. 40 years of KISS and its survival rests on Paul music, Gene's tireless quest to blast their legend into international media. So I feel bad for them, that what should be an honor is turning into yet another bitter power struggle. Tommy and Eric - whether you accept them wearing the original costumes or not - have been with KISS longer than Ace and Peter. Their efforts and sober decisions should be rewarded too."

Well Chris, when you put it that way...

We really shouldn't be pissed off, because the important thing is that the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame is finally acknowledging KISS and inducting them into their crummy hall, but the Rock Hall is inducting the original four, not the new lineup, so if Gene and Paul won't allow the original lineup to perform, doesn't the whole thing become moot?  Oh well, the Rock Hall is a joke anyways.

::Update::  It looks like KISS won't be performing at all at the induction ceremony.  Read more about it here.