Very few backstage stories from the 80s rock scene don't involve some sort of virus, but never fear, the guys in HairMania want to keep you safe while melting your face. The Dock at Bayview in Richland is throwing it's first outdoor Glam Slam 80s Jam Saturday, June 13th from 8:00pm to midnight. Drink specials, great food, and, of course more hair than Aquanet knows what to do with. I hope Hairmania's set is nothing but music puns; Bon Jovi's Bad Medicine, Alice Cooper's Poison, Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood, Van Halen's Somebody Get Me a Doctor... you get it.

I caught up with HairMania bassist, and master of the Blue Steel, Trixxy Gunnz to see how the guys are feeling about returning to the stage after so long a hiatus. "We are so excited to be back that our singer, J. St. James, decided to hold off on his birthday and make it happen on (Saturday). Let me tell ya, that’s dedication! Dr. Scary has been noodling away every hour for the past three months, we seriously hope he bathes day of show. MK Roxxx has been a lost soul (see our Corona Jam video on our facebook page) but he’s bounced back and ready to let loose. Me on the other hand, I’ve had a steady diet of Pabst Blue Ribbon and industrial size cheesy poofs. I’ll just be excited if I can fit in my spandex….God willing!!!"

Of course social distancing will be enforced, and there will be a limited capacity allowed in the outdoor space. "The show will be outdoors in the back area (limited capacity)," Gunnz continued. "Those who want to minimize going inside will never have to unless they need to use the bathroom. All tables will be at least 6 feet or more, apart, so people can dance by their table if they would like. Unfortunately the Trixxy Gunnz kissing booth is closed until the pandemic is over. Sorry ladies!" Ugh. So disappointing, I know.

Get out that glitter and strap on that spandex, HairMania is back, baby! "Just show up, we’re ready to rock. It’s time to have fun again. HairManiacs Unite!"

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