Who will benefit from your life's work when you're gone? It's something we all eventually have to think about and it's a subject that came up on CBS's The Talk after news of actor Kirk Douglas bequeathing his fortune to his charity rather than his children. Co-host Sharon Osbourne revealed during the discussion that Ozzy Osbourne is planning to pass on his "body of work" to his children after he passes.

"Listen, everybody is different. And I just know that my husband's body of work, that he's written, and kept us all in the lifestyle that we love, goes to my children," said Osbourne (as seen in the player below). "His name and likeness goes to my children. 'Cause you leave your name and likeness, and I don't want someone that never met my husband owning his name and likeness, and selling t-shirts everywhere and whatever. No, it stays in the Osbourne family."

Osbourne has been one of the better marketed musicians in rock and metal, both for his solo work and his time in Black Sabbath. A new generation of fans discovered Ozzy through The Osbournes reality series on MTV, which was one of the first breakout reality TV smashes. Osbourne's name is also synonymous with helping to give the heavier emerging music of the early 2000s a boost thanks to the Ozzfest touring brand. The singer returned to TV in recent years with the Ozzy & Jack's World Detour series on the History Channel and A&E.

At present, Ozzy has a new album to promote as Ordinary Man just arrived last month. While his North American tour just got canceled as he continues to deal with the health issues that derailed his 2019 touring, he does expect to be back on the road later this year and has already begun talking about recording his next record. Stay up to date with Ozzy's touring plans here.

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