What started out as a niche experiment for some friends seems to have become a thing in Detroit, and parts unknown. Paczki Day Vodka distilled by Detroit City Distillery is back this year, after a sellout performance in 2021. According to a report, last year's batch of 4200 bottles sold out in a mere twenty two minutes. That's impressive.

Though it's also a smart marketing move. Keep the available supply low enough to make it more desirable, and then only sell it online. (though word is there are some "select liquor stores" that have a stash).

The time and place to buy

The Paczki Day Vodka goes on sale bright and early at 8am Eastern Time on February 11th. Which, if you score a bottle (@ $35 a pop - up from last year's $30) will make it a Festive Friday indeed. But remember, it's a two-step process. If you're lucky enough to get a bottle online, you then have to pick it up at the Detroit City Distillery tasting room in Eastern Market on downtown Detroit between February 18 and 27th. Paczki Day this year is on Tuesday, March 1st, a day ahead of Ash Wednesday.

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A good day to pickup a bottle or to simply taste the product is Saturday, February 26th, because the makers will be throwing an indoor/outdoor Paczki Day party. And you have to love how DCD tries to sound hip in their website description: "We'll have food from Hamtown comrades, Srodek's and our Eastern Market pierogi bae, Pietrzyk Pierogi".

(Live in the D via YouTube)

A word to the wise. You just might want to also check in with you favorite alcohol mega-mart and ask if they carry Detroit City Distillery products, and if so, will they be getting any of the Paczki Day vodka. Seems like there're too many references to the product selling at liquor stores floating around out there to not at least ask.

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