For months we've been anticipating the opening of the New Panda Express which has been in construction since late last year, the only issue was that we had no idea when it was going to finally open. Well, our orange chicken prayers have been answered, as they held their Grand Opening on Wednesday, February 10th after many people were wondering if they'd open at all. The new location is at 5811 S Westnedge Ave, Portage, MI 49002 and already people on reddit are having fun:

It’s definitely open. I just ate orange chicken so fast that I’m gonna regret it later. On the plus side, the fortune cookie said I was next in line for a promotion. The Portage Michigan sewer system is woefully underprepared for this opening. -JimJimBinks

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Other people are concerned and hopeful that the service will be able to keep up with the demand:

I drove by yesterday and there was a flurry of activity! Dozens and dozens of boxes being loaded in. I hope the employees can work faster than they do at Popeye's on West Main. I can't even go there anymore the lines are so long and the service so slow. -billhughes1960

But at the end of the day the feed ended the way it always ends, people arguing with each other and getting mad. Regardless of how you view local/chain restaurants, many people are excited that the new Panda Express is open. But if you thought the traffic was bad before, it's gonna be unBEARable now.

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