Speeders beware, and Parchment residents rejoice - New pavement is coming to Parchmount Avenue, and with it, two new speed bumps to cut down on excessive speeding traffic.

The City of parchment sent out a letter recently to residents along Parchmount Road, alerting them to the new project to come, AND answered some questions they may have had about certain lines being painted on the road.

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The letter was posted on the We Are Parchment Facebook group, and read, in part:

"Dear Residents:
As you may have noticed, green paint has been sprayed to mark where speed humps will be placed on Parchmount Avenue. Two humps will be engineered into the roadway near the following addresses: 1150 Parchmount and 809 Parchmount. These are being engineered into the road to address the concern over speeding on Parchmount Avenue."

The letter continued on saying the placement was chosen based on location of storm drains, and that the project will begin to repave Parchmount, and install the speed humps on July 22nd.

The original poster, Tim Verdries, expressed his feelings on the idea.

"Anybody else as excited as I am about this? A smooth road and hopefully less speeders."

Speeding has long been an issue along Parchmount Avenue, as residents have complained publicly about it. One poster from 2019 commenting in the We Are Parchment Facebook group...

"Slow your a-- down on Parchmount!! Yes Orient, you DO have a stop sign, and pedestrians are present!!"

Some residents are skeptical though, one commenting:

"That is going to make it really great when it comes to plowing. The plow trucks avoid areas that have speed bumps just an FYI. And when they do come in, they do a really crappy job."

Others suggested alternatives to the speed bumps altogether:

"Hard no on the speed bumps. Would rather they cut their absurdly expensive contract with KPS and reinstate a police force for Parchment to actually ticket the speeders and ya know, deal with the burglaries."

Unfortunately for that last commenter, the contract has already been approved, and the road changes are coming. So anyone who has a home near those new speed bumps, get your cameras ready to watch cars go airborne and ruin their undercarriages. Those videos get great response on tik tok and twitter!

If you're a resident of Parchment, are you excited about these changes, or do you think there's another alternative?

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