Pearl Jam played Van Andel Arena and still didn't want to leave after thirty-three songs and two encores. See videos of one incredible marathon concert in 2006.

"Are you kidding me?" an obviously elated Eddie Vedder exclaimed as he and the band came out for an encore. Vedder was smiling widely, obviously enjoying himself and soaking up the adoration that Pearl Jam had earned with a blistering nineteen-song set in front of an appreciative West Michigan audience. "We're just not gonna leave. We're not gonna want to leave this place...and I thought we had friends in Chicago."

The night had started with a treat for die-hard Pearl jam fans and a song that band had only played once before: a cover of The Who's "I Can't Explain." Eddie Vedder opened the shows with a short acoustic set on this tour, and a fan yelled out "Happy Birthday, Pete," referring to Pete Townsend. Vedder quickly launched into a solo-acoustic version of The Who's first hit. Another cover of one of The Who's biggest, "Baba O'Reilly" would come before the night was over.

In the first video below, Peal Jam has just come out for the encore and Vedder expresses their appreciation for the great reception and the amazing rock fans in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. You can see a video playlist of the entire concert here.

We thank you...big time. Thanks, Grand Rapids

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