The first thing I want to get out of the way is to confirm that I'm never one for bullying or online bullying by any means. Don't get me wrong, I like to wear the occasional questionable clothes item, and I personally would be stoked if any publication pointed out my interesting personality on their publication. That being said, when you step outside your home you have to accept that if you're oddly dressed or are repping a style that's completely out of this time period, you're gonna turn some heads.

Over the years we've seen the hashtag, #PeopleOfWalmart which points out all of the unique individuals who have decided to go out in public wearing ridiculous outfits or crazy styles. It's also about people who do really dumb stuff while in the store. A few years ago #PeopleOfMeijer came onto the scene and personally, I thought it was just a funny fad people were trying to create to ride the Walmart coattails. It turns out I was wrong, as it seems a lot of these clique Walmart-type shoppers have been spotted shopping in the Michigan-based chain Meijer.

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So, I will say if you DO see someone who makes you look twice, try to be a LITTLE respectful and if you're gonna snag a photo of them at least do it discretely and try not to get their face in the picture. That being said, some of these Instagram photos are too funny. I present to you...#PeopleOfMeijer. Enjoy the wild world out there.

Sasquatch In The Scooter

It's A Fair Trade

No...Take Your Damn Time

She Wore Here Finer Hoodie

Horsing Around

I Don't Know If That's A Turtle or Godzilla, But I Like It

The Horses Were Parked Out Front




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20...200. Same Thing Apparently

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No Coal For The Fire







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Just Run Right Through The Wall & They're On Your Right

They Just Came From Church

This Is Real Life

Pretzel King

If You Do This I Hate You

It's Healthy AND HUGE

Awwww...They Match

When They Only Have 28x84s

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Okay...But I Need This Car In A Kia

Strange Way To Honor Your Late Dog...

Dat Hair Tho

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Made From The Finest Chipmunk & Cat Fur

HAD To Be 90's Night Somewhere

She Was Born With It Okay?

Lifelong Tigers Fan

He's Got LEEEEGS. He Knows How To Use Them

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