Peter Tork, songwriter and bass player for the made-for-tv rock band The Monkees, passed away Thursday in his Connecticut home from cancer at the age of 77.

Originally The Monkees sang in the tunes, on the program, but didn’t play the instruments. Rock producer, Don Kirshner, had a firm grip on the band’s music, but eventually Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith were able to wrestle control and the boys started playing instruments on their third album “Headquarters”. In fact, during their 1967 Tour, Jimi Hendrix opened up for the band at a few of the shows.

There is one fact that links “The Monkees” to Battle Creek. The Kellogg Company was a sponsor of their television show and they appeared in an ad, promoting Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. In the spot, poor Peter has a “lean and hungry look” that can only be cured by Rice Krispies.

To watch this classic commercial spot, just click on the YouTube link below:

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