We heard last march that Pfizer would be building a 465 million dollar expansion is Portage that's expected to bring about 450 new jobs; many of them higher-paying.  And today the Michigan Economic Development Corp. awarded the company with a 11.5 million dollar grant containing tax withholding and job creation bonuses.

According to crainsdetroit.com, the new 400,000 square foot facility will be called the Modular Aseptic Processing facility and will join the most recent 100,000 square foot expansion.  And when we talk about higher-paying jobs we're talking about the average salary being over $70,000 per year.  Think about it... Stryker is building their huge new complex across the street form the Pfizer facility and Pfizer is following suit with this enormous expansion!!!  Kalamazoo County is the place to be!!!  Now if we can just find enough people to fill the workforce, we'll be all set.

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