Visiting a National Park or Lakeshore like Pictured Rocks, you expect to see nature in its pristine condition.

That's why many were rightly saddened when the park's social media shared an image of a spraypainted tree.

Here's what the park shared:

The social media account shares, correctly, there are many more productive and less juvenile ways to share your adolescent feelings. Those who commented on Facebook agreed.

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What a selfish and despicable act towards nature!!

Sorry but anyone who brings spray paint with them into the woods simply shouldn’t be allowed to be in the woods - “this is why we can’t have nice things”

It’s bad but it’s probably better than carving a heart in the tree. This will eventually wash off at least

Probably the same brain dead fool who feels the need to stack rocks in the creeks. It's a shame the world is so full of idiots.

Now that last point is a good one. The spray paint may age off over the years while the common practice of carving names or initials into a tree would leave a lasting impression.

Speaking of 'not having nice things' as another commenter pointed out, some Michigan Department of Natural Resources sites were closed indefinitely recently to deal with a rash of trash left in parking lots and common areas.

So what's your take? An act of disrespect to Mother Nature or a harmless gesture?

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