I saw listing for a house in Cincinnati, Ohio on Zillow that really had me questioning whether or not it REALLY is a great opportunity. I guess if you're a fan of horror movies and aren't unnerved by being in settings that may seem haunted you'd be good. This particular listing just has a certain level of creepiness to it. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the pink front door with a thick rainbow stripe adorned with blood-like streaked human hand prints, seemingly clawing their way down the door...maybe not.

But once you step inside the house is when business really picks up. Every room is one color. I'm serious. One bedroom is just straight up purple. The downstairs though, all I know is that the former owners must have loved pink. I say that because literally the entire kitchen is one color of pink. The bathroom? That's all one color of pink as well. How about the stairs though? You guessed it...pink. At least they were stylish enough to throw in a checker board floor...

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Here's how they described the listing, a great opportunity apparently:

Great opportunity in this 3 bedroom 1.5 bath single family home with ceramic tile in kitchen and bath. There is a lot of open space with natural light and a partially finished basement. This home has great Investor potential or a Buyer wanting to do some remodeling to their preference- lots of potential here.. semi-built in bookcase upstairs. Nice front porch area. Has fenced yard.

This House in Ohio Is Apparently a "Great Opportunity"

Tell me someone didn't get possessed or haunted here...

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