I'll admit I'm into a lot of strange music not surprising since I'm a huge fan of Mike Patton.  It was in a way because of him I found out about Pirate Metal.

I recently checked out a link on Fark that featured 15 of the weirdest bands of all time. Mike Patton was featured or apart of couple of those bands.

On the comments for the article on Fark,  someone listed a band called, Alestorm.  Having no clue who this band is I searched for them and found out that they are a Scottish Pirate Metal band.

They dress and act like pirates and all their songs have a pirate theme.  If one pirate band wasn't enough there seems to be a few.

Running Wild and Swashbuckle are a couple of the other bands who have featured pirate themes in their music.

I have heard many different artist do Viking metal and of course Power metal that features medieval themes has been around forever. Metal music featuring pirates that is new to me.

I guess if you enjoy being a pirate this music is for you.   I give them props for rocking out with a keytar while wearing the puffy shirts.

Out of the songs i found featuring Alestorm this is probably my favorite.





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