For the first time ever, your Detroit Pistons have won the NBA's Draft Lottery.  And with it, the number 1 overall pick in the July NBA Draft.

There have been four names, above everyone else, that have been mentioned as a possibility as the number 1 pick.  Oklahoma State's Cade Cunningham, Gonzaga's Jalen Suggs, Southern California's Evan Mobley, and Jalen Green from the NBA's G-League Ignite.

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The initial analysis has been to take Cunningham (pictured above) at number 1.  And I think Pistons GM Troy Weaver will take him.  Cade is 6-8 and 220 pounds.  He's listed as a point guard.  But if the Pistons take him, they'll likely move him to either shooting guard or small forward because they already have Killian Hayes (who they drafted last year) running the point.  Mobley, a center, isn't really a factor because they already have Isaiah Stewart at that position.  Jalen Green is too thin for me at 6-6 and less than 200 lbs.  I really like Suggs, and personally, I would take him. I love how explosive he is offensively.  But I think Weaver will take Cade because of his size.

What really interests me is the fact that, through various trades, they have THREE second-round picks this year.  They are at picks 37, 42, and 52.  They can really make some moves with those picks on hand.  They could use those to trade up and get another first-round pick, or use them to get a veteran player that can help them right now.  Or just stand pat and add three more young, inexpensive players to your roster and hope they stick.

Another thing to remember, the Pistons will clear out more than $60 million in buyout money and expiring contracts after next season, see for yourself at  That means they'll have plenty of money to go get a max-level player (or close to it) next summer.

There is one thing we know now, however.  As a result of winning the Lottery, playtime is over for the Detroit Pistons.  There is now pressure on Troy Weaver to get this team better immediately.  Maybe not the playoffs next season.  But certainly in 2022-23.

The era of apathy ended with them winning the 1st pick Tuesday night.  It's time to do something about that apathy, NOW!

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