Troy Weaver has completed his overhaul of the Detroit Pistons roster by trading the last player he inherited.

Sekou was the last remaining player on the Pistons roster from when Weaver took over as GM. Now he will be in Brooklyn after it was announced that the Pistons have parted ways with the forward for a veteran and draft picks. The official deal looks like this, Sekou and Okafor to the Nets for DeAndre Jordan and four future second round draft picks.

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Before you chalk this up as a straight up win for the Pistons, there are some background details on the draft picks.

No trade is a clear win for one team or the other in the NBA, so this is to be expected.

The main takeaway here is that Weaver is determined to build a team based on what has worked in the past in Detroit. I don't want to take anything away from Sekou, because I think he will eventually become a very good NBA player. It's just that the Pistons are forward heavy, and Sekou was the odd man out.

Most NBA analysts agree that Detroit is on the verge of making another push to become a member the NBA elite. This will be a very interesting year for the Pistons because nobody is expecting them to break through yet, but they do have all of the pieces in place to become a very dangerous team. If Cade can become the superstar that everyone predicts he will be, we could be looking at another run for the Motor City.

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