Wait a minute, wait a minute...What happened to the the new courthouse that was supposed to be built where those parking lots are?  It was March 2017 and we were talking about how a new arena wasn't going in and instead it would be a new courthouse and other applicable facilities.  Well, we're right back to where we started with the downtown Kalamazoo Arena idea.

As reported on wwmt.com, the downtown arena idea is rearing it's ugly head...AGAIN!  For the record for the umteenth time, I'm against the idea because there is no urgent need to have a space to hold events and we're not going to get concerts when we already have Wings Event Center and Miller Auditorium.  Plus, the Kwings aren't selling out, WMU basketball and hockey don't need bigger capacities so why do we need to build it.  As I've said, I think it's part "Van Andel Envy" and part "If you build it they will come".  Right now people don't come downtown because they can't park in front of the place they're going to which is nonsense for another time.  The last time we visited this issue the public said no.  They didn't want tax dollars to be used.  This time there's another strategy involving hotel taxes and other work arounds that won't raise our personal taxes.  If it happens, I hope I'm wrong and great for the city because I'm running out of room for "I told You SOs".  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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