Are you ready for the animal crackers donut? You can feed your sweet tooth at Sweetwater's Donut Mill and help feed the animals at Binder Park Zoo.

Every week, Sweetwater's Donut Mill has a unique new creation for you. They've had a Cindo de Mayo donut with a jalapeno, Reece's Pieces flavor, strawberry lime daiquiri, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Orange Crush, root beer and even an Oberon donut.

This time, they are adding animal crackers to help out the real live animals at Binder Park Zoo. Like many other businesses, the zoo has been closed and workers furloughed. Here's the thing: the animals don't know anything about COVID-19. Wile they may be enjoying some extra peace and quiet they still want to eat. Every day. For ten days, from May 20-30, Sweetwater's will be making the animal crackers donut and donating 50 cents for each sold to help feed the animals at Binder Park Zoo. All you have to do is enjoy.

In case you were wondering, yes, animal crackers are still around. An English cookie, they were first baked in the United States in 1871. The now-familiar Barnum name was added in 1902 and you may remember the animals were liberated form their cages on the box in 2018.

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