This is really friggin' cool. I just learned about it. I know we are all itching to get out of the house, and for those with children this may be a great way to introduce them to a lot of different animals. The process to get the animal on your screen is quite simple. If you have an iPhone or and Android, you go into your internet browser and search for one of the following animals by their name. Once the search is done you scroll past it's wiki description and then you'll see a thin grey square with the animal inside with an icon that says, "View in 3D."

Once you click that icon your camera will open up and will prompt you to move your camera around the room and side to side. After that, you will see the animal pop up on your camera. From then, you can change its size to get a better look and  watch as it displays characteristics of the animal. This is a great way to keep your kids busy and maybe teach them about wildlife. Here are all the animals you can search and view by name:

Search For These Animals In Google To View In 3D

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