We are a few weeks away from the start of the NHL season.  If you believe the over/under for point totals the Red Wings will be near the bottom of the league. 

According to ESPN,  the point totals over and under for the upcoming season were released by Westgate Las Vegas Superbook for all 31 teams.

The Detroit Red Wings are predicted to finish the upcoming season with 78.5 points.      That point total is near the bottom of the league.  The total is around where they finished last season.  They finished with 79 points, 33 wins.

For points in the NHL, teams get two points for each win during the season for either regulation or overtime.   They can also get a point for regulation ties.

The team predicted to be the worst is the new Las Vegas Golden Knights who are listed at 68.5 points.  The favorite is the Anaheim Ducks who are listed with 106.5 points.  The two time defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins are listed at 104.5.

We will see how it goes for the Wings this season.  It could be a long one in the new arena. The regular season starts for the Red Wings on October 5th when they host the Minnesota Wild at  Little Caesars Arena.

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