There is a story of a cat that came out of Pontiac, Michigan, which will no doubt go down as one of the most mischievous of all time. The story came from a cat that was in its prime in 1962 and the story was shared in the New London Day Newspaper.

It’s rare a cat will do something to make the news but this story is a classic. It's common knowledge that cats can do some weird and funny stuff, but this may be one of the best documented stories and answers the age-old question of: "What is a cat?:"
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Mrs. Frances Johnson notified the Oakland County sheriffs department that a cat was loose in the attic of her Groveland Township home. Debbie D, Donald G Bailey climbed to the attic and started after the intruder. The attic had no floorboards so Bailey had to walk on the rafters. He slipped and wound up, straddling a rafter with his legs hanging through the living room ceiling. the cat made it to the front porch where it was captured. Bailey took it to the Oakland County animal shelter, where the cat promptly climb the fence and escaped.
If this isn't a story of a cat that is the embodiment of what a cat is supposed to be then I don’t know what is. They have shown us time and time again that they will continue to do whatever they want when they want, and they will always get away with it.

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