I always look forward to the end-of-the-year wrap-ups from Spotify, and other social media platforms. It's a nice trip back down memory lane, and something to help me look forward to in the next year.

BUT, then there's the 2022 Pornhub wrap-up, which just came out this past week, and.... Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and ESPECIALLY Ohio... you've been very naughty!

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First of all, if you haven't already figured this out... there will be some mature discussion here. BUT, absolutely NO PORN actually in this article. So this is technically a SFW article. But... that doesn't mean you don't still have some explaining to do for your search history.

Across the United States (as a whole), "Lesbian" was the most searched for term in 2022. That's men, women, young, and old. It narrowly beat out Hentai (don't google that at work), and ebony.

Across the Upper Midwest - Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio - all had their top searches in line with the rest of the country.

BUT, where it gets interesting is the "Relative Term" search, and each state is VASTLY different. Basically, this is a term searched for MUCH more in your state, in relation to all other states. And BOY does it expose a lot about us.

(NOTE: Some of the results had to be blurred due to their explicit nature. If you REALLY want to see what the uncensored results are, you can click on the link to the site at the bottom of the page).


Illinois - Dirty Talk

People are apparently looking for how to "Talk Dirty" in Illinois. I've heard a few people from Chicago before, and Potty Mouth is definitely not a problem. But I guess, what to say in the bedroom is still lacking a bit, and people in the Prairie State need to not worry so much about keeping it so clean.

Indiana - Furry

Umm.... Indiana's apparently big into searching for Furries. Now, I'm never one to shame, or talk down on anyone's preferences, especially when it doesn't affect me, or hurt anyone else. Being a furry is COMPLETELY  someone's personal business. You do you. But it was also a surprisingly high search result for Indiana. So, if you're a mascot for a sports team in the Hoosier State... maybe just be more aware of your surroundings.

Michigan - S***** ****

Well, this one is blatantly derogatory, and I'm not going to type it out. We'll just say, what Michigan looked up more, in relation to any other state, is a very specific act that can only be performed on a man. Now, obviously, this is for the ENTIRE state of Michigan, including the U.P., and I wonder how much influence was impacted from up there, since Minnesota and Wisconsin's Relative Search Terms are... a little closer than topics closer to the Lower Peninsula.

Actually, now that I look into it, given the shape of the U.P., the search terms for Minnesota and Wisconsin aren't as surprising as I'd originally thought. They're just jealous.

Ohio - PMV

Alright Ohio, we knew you were a different breed, but to be the ONLY state where this search topic came up is a bit crazy. PMV, which stands for "Porn Music Videos." THAT was your Top Relative search term on Pornhub in 2022. For the uninitiated (which until about an hour ago, included myself), PMV is essentially making a music video out of specific pornos. It was something that apparently stemmed from people doing the same thing for Anime... but this time... porn.

The rest of the country has their own focuses, too, if you want to look into it. But... I would recommend not using your work computer if you're that curious.

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