Friday night in Kalamazoo featured a jam-packed night of emotion, happiness, and good times at the Wings Event Center as the legendary Rock band Foreigner packed em' in from far and near playing all of their hits in one night. That night was capped off by their biggest hit by far, 'I Want To Know What Love Is.' As mentioned before, they were not alone, as the Portage Northern High School Choir program was all set to hit the stage with them.

The song began with the choir program waiting in the wings, and as the song dipped down, the choir program made its way to the drum riser, and in front of a nearly sold-out crowd, got to become rock stars as they sang their hearts out through the song. Watch the video below:

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At the end of the performance Foreigner's lead vocalist, Kelly Hansen, introduced Portage Northern and reminded people that the reason they have these choir programs on stage with them is to remind their audiences that when a school is trying to cut money from the budget, normally the first thing affected is the arts.

They urged the audience to reach out to the school board and local politicians to make sure funding for programs like these is not lost to future generations.

It was a truly special night and to be able to meet the winning school and see them on stage and how happy they were to be there, proved the Sing At Wings contest to be a major success.

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