There's a large farm in southern Michigan that grows potatoes for Lay's potato chips. Tear open that next bag knowing there's a good chance your chips were home grown.

The plot is near Sturgis close to the Indiana state line. Black Gold Farms potatoes are sent to Lay's processing plants following Michigan's potato harvest season.

Depending on the time of year, the next time you open a delicious bag of Lay's chips, those potatoes were probably grown in the Michiana area.
Since 2000, Black Gold Farms in Sturgis, Michigan is one of the suppliers for Lay's Chips. The farm is on Klinger Lake Rd just south of U.S 12.

Considering how many bags of chips are sold by Frito-Lay, you'd think that more than just one farm in Sturgis would be needed to supply all those potatoes - and you're right. Potato Grower Magazine says

Frito-Lay sourced from 120 different farms in 25 states including Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Washington, Maine and California.

Frito-Lay said Michigan and Wisconsin were its largest growing areas.

In addition to the Sturgis facility, there's another Black Gold Farms in Winamac, Indiana as a few more scattered around the county and a headquarters in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

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