Michigan legalized marijuana in 2018, and since then, it's become a big part of the state's income, and a booming business enterprise. Because it's still a relatively new thing to legalize in the U.S., it's consistently getting updates in the way of new laws and court rulings.

But a new proposed law in Michigan could allow children as young as Kindergarteners to not only HAVE marijuana at school, but actually use it while in class!

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The new proposed bill includes all medical marijuana and CBD-infused products, proposed by Democratic representatives in the State house. It would "Legally allow students to consume edibles, beverages, and other low-level THC marijuana products on school premises, or buses."

Michigan State Rep. Jimmy Wilson Jr. explained the reasoning behind it to CBS News.

"What it does is allow medical marijuana pediatric patients to have their medication in the schools the same way anyone else has their medications stored. The same way, whether it be in a nurse's office, or an administration office, they would go up and access their medication the same way anyone else would, and they would go back to class."

The administration of the products would be overseen by a designated school staff member, and only students with clear, written authorization detailing the timing, and purpose could use them. This includes for emergency relief, or symptom prevention.

House Bill 5063 is now under the purview of the Committee on Regulatory Reform, which will offer any guidelines on the transportation and storage of the products, and emphasized that they should be managed like any other student medication.

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