A brilliant developer has created a hilarious meme-generator that puts Bernie Sanders and his mittens in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Paw Paw or anywhere you want. 

No doubt you've seen 384,632 versions of the Bernie Sanders meme by now. What if it were super-simple to make your own and you could put him anywhere you wanted? NYU masters student Nick Sawhney has created a website that allows you to put Bernie Sanders anywhere in the world with the help of Google maps street view. Designboom.com has the Senator at Notre Dame in Paris, Trump Tower in New York, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, the Pyramids in Egypt and other exotic locations.

We decided to bring Bernie Sanders to Southwest Michigan. We've got Bernie and his now famous mittens at Bell's Eccentric Cafe, Wings Stadium and on the roof at Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo. You can see him at Kellogg's HQ in the Cereal City, and also downtown Battle Creek at the Milton. A reader, we thought he might like Lowry's Books in Three Rivers, and a show at the Riviera Theatre while he's there. The courthouse in Paw Paw seemed somehow fitting, but he doesn't seem amused by Klassic Arcade in Gobles. The beach at South Haven doesn't seem to suit him either.

Scroll down to see Bernie all across Southwest Michigan, or try it yourself and Put Bernie Anywhere!

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Bernie sanders in SWMI



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