Always a pivotal state in the presidential election, a divided Michigan has needed one of these for a long time, now we're getting a rage room.

You've seen it on Facebook, you've seen it on cable news, the hate and vitriol seems to be everywhere. The rage room gives you a constructive place to vent your frustrations, a "safe space," if you will, where special "snowflakes" of all political persuasions can destroy anything and everything to get release from pent-up feelings.

Break Room Therapy is set to open in Byron Center on June 6. For $30, they give you a room with glasses, mugs, dishes, computer monitors and printers and an assortment of blunt objects to wreak havoc with. Level up from a hammer to a baseball bat, grab a sledge or a 9-iron and go to town with abandon. Obviously, safety equipment is provided and kids 13-18 must be accompanied by an adult.

In the immortal words of Ron Burgondy, "that escalated quickly."

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