The Detroit Tigers had been set to start the 2018 baseball season with a bang, as they welcomed the Pittsburgh Pirates to the Motor City.

However, Mother Nature had different plans.

The Detroit Tigers say early Thursday morning that their game against Pittsburgh March 29 had been moved, because of the rain that has been falling in the area.

The plan had been for Opening Day 2018 to feature every professional team to play on the same day; however, with the Tigers vs Pirates and Reds vs Nationals games being delayed, that will no longer be the case. Major League Baseball says that if every team had opened at once, it would have been the first time that happened since 1968, when there were only 20 teams.

95.3 WBCK will be carrying the game on March 30, with a broadcast time of 12:45pm. The regularly scheduled talk show takes place online, at

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