These days more and more people are using equipment like drills on a regular basis simply because of the explosion of networks like HGTV and DIY.  Add to that the many websites like YouTube that offer instructional videos, the tool and hardware industry is vital.

Normally when an item like a drill is recalled, it's due to a malfunction that affects the use of the product.  In this case, however, the 130,000 variable speed, reversible Dewalt drills that have been recalled involve a wiring problem that could shock the user.  Specifically the Dewalt DWD 110 and DWD 112 models.   According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the drills were sold at hardware stores between September 2017 and November 2018.  By the way, Dewalt says that if the drill is marked with an "X" after the date code it's already been inspected and safe to use.  if you need more information you can check out the CPSC website by clicking HERE.




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