Record Store Day 2017 is coming up this Saturday, April 22nd! Kalamazoo's own Green Light Music is pulling out all the stops. Remember, pressings are limited, and there's no telling how much of which pressings they are going to get in, so go early - camp out if you have to. The offerings this year are certainly impressive, and the lineup includes, but is not limited to...

  • Alice in Chains - Get Born
  • Beatles - Strawberry Fields Forever
  • David Bowie - Bowpromo and Cracked Actor
  • Cars - Live at the Agora
  • Cheap Trick - The Epic Archive Vol. One
  • Doors - Live at the Matrix '67
  • Fleetwood Mac - Alternate Mirage
  • Grateful Dead - P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver
  • Jimi Hendrix (Curtis Knight) - Live at George's Club 20, 1965 &1966
  • Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing
  • Stevie Nicks - Rarities
  • Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Live at Jones Beach
  • Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive
  • Neil Young - Decade

I know that some of you are thinking "If I buy one more album, my significant other is going to kill me." Well, go through your collection, see what you can part with, and sell them to Green Light. Make some space in your stack for these one-of-a-kind finds. Also, don't forget that Integrated Smart Technologies has partnered up with Green Light, so if you planned to use your tax refund to finally make your dream of the perfect surround sound experience a reality, they can help you do that.

Bonus Video - David Bowie Cracked Actor


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