The potential for a court case between Nancy Mack, the wife of Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith, and actor Scott Baio has come and gone, with TMZ reporting that the district attorney deciding not to pursue charges after the alleged confrontation between the two. And it looks like that decision paved the way for the drummer to lash out at the actor via a profanity laced Tweet.

As you may remember, back in December a police report was taken after Mack allegedly got into it with Baio over his support of President Donald Trump during an event at Baio's daughter's school. According to reports, when Baio asked her to quiet down about Trump's "grab 'em by the pu--y" comment, she allegedly continued to repeat the phrase louder and louder so others could hear.

The actor told police that Mack grabbed him under the arms and started shaking and pushing him as well. Mack stated that she was merely trying to show Baio how Trump grabs women, rather than intentionally assaulting the actor.

As stated, the district attorney decided not to pursue the case any further, but the hard feelings over the incident appear to have remained. After the decision was made that the case would not move forward, Smith tweeted, "Hey Chachi, eat a bag of d--ks." The drummer quickly removed the tweet, but not before a screen capture was taken and reported on by Consequence of Sound.

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