The NHL will not be in South Korea for the Olympics so that meant that this year there was an all star game.  The game in Tampa only featured one Red Wings player, Defenseman MIke Green. 

This year's format for the NHL All Star Game was the 3 on 3 format that started a few years ago.   There were three games,  Central versus the Pacific division in the Western Conference.  Metropolitan versus Atlantic in the east.

The Pacific team won the first game 5-2.   The second game went to the Atlantic division 7-4.

Your final was the Pacific against the Atlantic.   The game went to the Pacific 5-2 but it was cool to see that both goals for the Atlantic in that game were scored by Mike Green of the Red Wings.

I'll admit I would of rather have seen Dylan Larkin at the game but at least we got to see our best defensive player show off his offense to the league.

How long will he continue to be in a Red Wings uniform who knows?  He is a player that is on the trading block.  Hopefully if he goes the Wings can get something good in return.

Another All Star game in the books.    The next All Star game will be in San Jose next season.  Does that mean Detroit will get the 2020 game?   Let's hope it happens.

Watch Mike Green score his two goals.  Goal one is at 2:08, Goal two is at 5:03.

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