Similar to the what the Tigers have done in recent years, the Red Wings will be highlighting colleges through out the state with special theme nights during the season. 

The Red Wings announced that the college nights will be apart of their theme nights for the season.   Fans and alumni of the schools can get specialty priced ticket packages to a game.  Those packages will include a game ticket, a Red Wings hat with the colors of their school and also the team will donate to the schools scholarship fund.

Here is a list of a few of the College Nights for the Season:

Michigan State University on February 14th the Red Wings host Ottawa.

Central Michigan University on February 22nd the Red Wings host Minnesota.

Grand Valley State University on February 24th the Red Wings host San Jose.

University of Michigan on February 26th the Red Wings host Montreal.

Western Michigan University on April 6th the Red Wings host Buffalo.

This list is just a few of the schools that will be highlighted during the season.  The Red Wings will also salute the military, nurses, teachers,law enforcement, scouting and more all season long.

You can check out the theme nights schedule for the Red Wings for a full list on their themed nights for the season.

Go to the Red Wings website for more details on tickets and their full schedule.

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