Today is the 30th anniversary of the passing of one of the more underrated rockers ever.  Thin Lizzy singer/bassist, Phil Lynott.  

Thin Lizzy is one of those band that seems to go under the radar here in the U.S.  "The Boys Are Back In Town" is a great song and is a much deserved classic, but they have so many other great songs that you should check out.

One of my current favorites of Thin Lizzy's is a song called, "Waiting For An Alibi".  It was featured on the album, "Black Rose".   A killer lead bass riff and cool vocals by Phil.   One of those songs that gets stuck in your head the moment you hear it.

"Black Rose" is the one album that Gary Moore recorded with the band.

I'll admit I was in that group of people that only really knew the band from the "Jailbreak" album.   I'm glad I have been listening to more music by a critically underrated band.   Crank up their music and remember Phil this Monday evening.

For more on Phil head over to Ultimate Classic Rock.





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