Today would of been the 90th birthday of one of the greatest guitarist ever B.B.King.

One of those artist that introduced me to the world of the blues.

I had the chance to start my radio career by playing blues in Lansing. One of those artist I remember playing was B.B.King.

I first knew of him  by seeing him featured on the Grammy telecast of the time (late 80's, early 90's) as he was always apart of some jam that was going on during the shows. I also knew of him from his appearance with U2 on "When Love Comes To Town" from "Rattle and Hum". That was probably the first time I heard anything featuring him.

The first real song of his I remember hearing was his classic, "The Thrill Is Gone". It would of been during one of the first shows that I ever did in radio. I remember playing it off a dat tape. That was how much of the blues music we played then was played, as it was off of vinyl that was recorded onto tape.

I think there is a reason that that  particular song is considered one of his classics. It is just pure soul.

He passed away back in May and he left us some of the most memorable music ever recorded.

A legend who I am glad to say I've got to experience in my lifetime.  Happy Birthday to one of the legends of the blues.


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