It seems fitting that it's overcast and gloomy today; even the sun didn't want to face a world without Dustan Colyer in it.

So few times in my life have I been at a loss for words, but I will try, through tears and gritted teeth, to get through this. Dustan Colyer was the embodiment of fighter. I suppose 17 years staring cancer in the face will do that to a kid. Hero to so many children bearing scars from their own wars, he managed to make them forget their battle for a few minutes of being a kid again. Few people in this world can claim to have seen such strength, such determination, as Dustan had to make the most out of every single breath. He touched everyone he came in contact with, and inspired so many people to be better versions of themselves every day. I refuse to focus on the way in which he died, but, rather, the triumphant way in which he lived.

Stefani Bishop
Stefani Bishop

Dustan taught me that you're never too young to start making a difference in this world; that with adversity comes possibility. He taught me that bravery has a face; a pale face with eyes that told the story of a thousand lifetimes. He taught me that I take so much for granted; that I can be careless, and thoughtless, and mindless. He taught me what it truly means to smile through the pain.

In lieu of thoughts and prayers, consider donating to DC Strong and help Dustan continue his mission for children battling cancer across the country, and greet today with a smile. Dustan would have wanted it that way.


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