I don't know about you but I've always loved taking the train.  I mean, who wouldn't like avoiding the traffic, not having to drive, sitting and relaxing with some food and a beverage which may or may not have alcohol in it?  Plus with today's technology you can watch TV or a movie or both while you're on your way.  For us it's always been to Chicago and back but I'd really like to take a longer trip one of these days.  And one of those days should be soon.

wzzm13.com is reporting that Amtrak is having, what they're calling, a "Fall Flash Sale".  The travel window is November 11th through the 29th with black-out days 26th & 27th because of Thanksgiving and one-way tickets are 50% off meaning you could pay as little as $14.  Obviously, these rates may not apply everywhere but it's certainly worth a look.  Get more information HERE.




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