I did some serious riding on the bike this past weekend and had never been on the Lake Huron side of the Michigan and it turned out to be a great ride.

I have been doing a lot of yard projects this year on the off weekends and the other weekends have been spent with my son fishing and swimming so I had not had time to get the bike out and doing any riding.

The 4th of July weekend comes along and I wind up with an unexpected free weekend. Yes I could have moved gravel with a shovel and wheelbarrow and covered my driveway but that wouldn't be any fun plus it was hot this past weekend.

Now I did do a few projects, I put some serious weed killer out in some areas around my barn that my brother in law just cleared so we can clean it up. I also power washed the house and driveway trying to make things look a little better.

Since I had not rode the bike yet this year and only once last year, I thought, hey let's getting those riding legs back and do a simple ride on Saturday. So I rode from the Hardy Dam down to Holland and drove around the town for a while. I wound up in the Eldean Shipyard and wow, there were some very nice homes along the way.

I rode from Holland to Grand Haven then Muskegon where I took a break at the Red Lobster then proceeded back to the Hardy Dam. It was a perfect first ride to get comfortable before I ride on some roads I have never been on before.

Sunday I begin my journey to go to Tawas City. I had always heard that was a nice place on the east side of Michigan, plus, as long as I have lived in Michigan, I had never seen Lake Huron.

After heading to Big Rapids then across the state through Gladwin then eventually connected with U.S. 23 I began heading north along side the Lake Huron.

It was really hot on Sunday but when I got on 23 I could feel the water wasn't far away since the air began to cool down. As I got closer to Tawas the air really cooled down to make for an enjoyable ride.

When I got to Tawas City, I could tell this was a good place to hang around. People were everywhere enjoying the weekend from ice creams stands to the beach the place was hopping. Much of 23 runs right down the lakeside and just a beautiful ride.

I was on a scouting mission looking for places to visit and maybe stay a weekend and Tawas will definitely get another visit from some day. They had a lot of beech cabins that you could rent so that will be my plan the next time I make the ride.

I continued north enjoying Lake Huron. I was surprised at how many places north of Tawas you can just pull off the road in random places and go to the beech.

I packed an overnight bag hoping I would find a place to stay for the night but as I drove north I just didn't find that place that made me want to stay, well I did, but Tawas was way behind me at this point.

The trip brought me to Alpena then Rogers City. The next stop would have been Cheboygan but I thought, its been a great ride then I decided to head west back across the state.

I wound up passing by Long Lake which was massive and so was Houghton Lake.

Most of the roads I traveled I had never been down before but for a holiday, traffic was light and at times I had the roads to myself.

I think next time I will ride to Mackinac then head south down the southside of Lake Huron to Tawas where I may spend a night or even a weekend.

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