It's no secret to Michiganders that our beaches are awesome, but it's still cool to see them nationally recognized. Not one, but two Michigan beaches placed in a national ranking of the best freshwater beaches -- and one even nabbed the top spot!

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I hear all the time that people from out-of-state are surprised by how beautiful Michigan is on their first visit. Some have no idea how vast and stunning Lake Michigan is and when they see it for the first time, they compare it to the ocean.

Michigan residents are like duh! -- that's why they're called the Great Lakes!

Well, it's freshwater beaches that Fodor's Travel chose to highlight in their recent ranking titled: "The Best Beaches in the U.S. That Are Nowhere Near the Ocean":

What many people don’t realize is there are a plethora of hidden beaches across the U.S. that aren’t necessarily oceanic–but still just as beautiful. Here are 15 of the best beaches across the U.S.–with no ocean in sight.

Their No. 1 pick?

The Beaches of Sleeping Bear Dunes

Jojo Girard
Jojo Girard

Here's Fodor's praise for the picturesque stretch of land along Michigan's North West Coast:

The enormous Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore spans 35 miles of sandy shoreline on Lake Michigan outside Traverse City. Here, visitors will encounter dune bluffs that can tower as high as 450 feet above the water. Travelers can set their home base in the nearby town of Empire which offers easy access to reach the park and its gorgeous beaches, including Empire Beach, Esch Road Beach, Peterson Beach, Platte River Point, Good Harbor Bay Beach, or Bohemia Beach. The sparkling clear waters set against a backdrop of towering golden sand dunes make for a spectacular place to watch the sunset at night.

Coming in at No. 5 on their list:

North Beach Park in Ferrysburg

North Park Beach, Google
North Park Beach, Google

Here's Fodor's praise for the "hidden gem" north of Grand Haven:

Grand Haven State Park and public beach offer miles of golden sand, clear water, a historic pier to explore, with close proximity to the downtown area. It’s a wonderful getaway for visitors of any age. The park’s North Shore Beach in particular is a must-visit hidden gem. It’s located on the calmer side of the Grand River channel, so visitors can enjoy the same fantastic sands and tranquil water conditions while being just far away from town that it feels like a relaxing respite.

If it were up to me, every beach on Fodor's list would be a Michigan beach -- but you can check out the rest of the beaches that make up their top 15 here.

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