Online dating is pretty common these days. Dozens of apps, websites, and even some people risking connections on Craigslist still. (We do NOT recommend that platform for dating, but... to each their own I guess.) But those are all for people, mostly.. Right? 

One family in Grand Haven took it a step further, and decided it was time to find a new partner for their family pet... a duck. 

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Sophia the Duck was raised by the Fleser family since she was a duckling. Lynsey Fleser told 13 On Your Side News that their daughter’s aunt dropped off a couple ducks at their home when she was younger for her birthday. The ducks - Sophia and Ben - and their children – Josie and Brayden – became close, and over time, the two ducks even became very friendly. 

“They were the best of friends. They were together all the time.”  

But one morning, the family realized there was only one duck in the pond, and Ben was missing. Lynsey said their worst fears about the missing duck came true. 

“My husband went and checked in the woods and we saw a big pile of feathers, so we knew we had an issue.” 

Lyndsey believed some kind of wildlife got to the ducks, and one didn’t make it. 

The Flesers noticed Sophia’s grief almost immediately. She was much more vocal, and constantly quacking at night, looking for her friend. The ducks had been together, and nearly inseparable for almost four years at that point, so it stands to reason that she missed having her partner. 

"We read that Pekins shouldn't live alone or they will become depressed."

It was after a few weeks that the Flesers decided they would go looking for a new partner for Sophia. 

They took a "quack" at online dating for Sophia, and posted on facebook to see if anyone had any ducks they would be willing to part with. They could then adopt them, and give Sophia a new partner. The ad read: 

“Single female. Loves long walks by the pond. Bright orange feet. The usual.” 

The post went viral, and soon the Flesers were scrolling through hundreds of offers to adopt a duck. Thankfully, they found the perfect partner for Sophia. 

“We were able to find somebody that had two ducks, they originally had four, and lost two of them to wildlife. They said ‘Please come get them.’” 

Within days, Sophia had, not just one new partner, but TWO, and Grand Haven’s most famous single duck was no longer alone. 

Not all online dating requests work out, but we sure hope this one does.

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