By now, you've seen the viral post going around on social media from this girl, who lists of a number of places she will refuse to go to on a first date... and probably beyond. Most people see the list as curated by someone who is pretty high maintenance, but there are some red flags on there.

So it got us to thinking, if we were to take someone on a first day, or maybe even a second date, around Southwest Michigan, where could we go?

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Yeah, LOTS of chain restaurants on there, and there are some places on this list that absolutely should not be first day, or even THIRD date-worthy. So let's consider first, what would make a great first date.

Ideally, you're looking for a low pressure environment, but the potential for multiple options, high entertainment, AND equal parts opportunity for conversation. You want to be entertained, and leave room to get to know the person you're on the date with.

So, given these factors, we offer up the following list of Nine places we think might make a good first (or second) date in Southwest Michigan.

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