Kalamazoo seems to be coming up with a plan to offer a very unique service that may become helpful for students who plan on living on campus or in nearby housing. Kalamazoo College is putting together a master plan which includes the suggestion that a ride-sharing service is offered for students, as someone posted on Twitter:

The Kalamazoo College master plan also mentions a car sharing service that could be in tandem with WMU where students can rent cars for off-campus trips. I’m curious as to whether students would find a service like this useful


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What Does The Plan Include?

The plan that is laid out on the screen reads as follows:

Car-sharing services, essentially an hourly car rental services, are becoming more widespread at campuses and urban neighborhoods throughout the country. Kalamazoo College should begin investigating a commercial car-sharing service with several vehicles stationed in a prominent, on-campus location. A car-sharing service, perhaps in cooperation with WMU, could help overcome the reluctance to use transit. A vehicle would be available for the occasional-off campus trip, in addition, the presence of a car-sharing service will help influence resident students to not bring a vehicle to campus.

Kalamazoo has multiple options when it comes to getting around in the way of Uber and Lyft. Do you think a ride-sharing service coming to both colleges would hurt the Uber and Lyft industry in the area? Many of the people I picked up while doing ride-sharing were college students, and there would no doubt be an impact on the industry, especially while classes are in session.

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